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Eligibility To Win Free Jewelry

  • Spin Your Wheel of LOVE - To get a chance to win free Krystal Jewellery or Exclusive Discounts!
  • Enjoy a complementary healing Krystal worth Rs 1999 and experience our universal guidance service for free. To claim your free healing Krystal and universal guidance service, ensure your purchase exceeds Rs 999.

Hear from the Universe

On behalf of the universe, our intuitive team of Reiki healers and spiritual masters will provide you with life guidance and support. We're including free Krystals and a personalized affirmation card as per your life goals. You can opt in to this service once you Place an Order!

Why Krystal Touch Jewels are Special?

At Krystal Touch, we understand that jewelry is more than mere adornment; it represents who you are on the inside. Our carefully curated pieces are designed to complement your style and empower your spirit. Wear our jewelry to transform and transcend into a realm where dreams are manifested.
  • Exclusive and meaningful designs in 18K real gold plating.
  • Minimalistic designs – perfect for daily wear and as gifting options.
  • Krystals render healing through the intricately crafted designs emphasizing the unique properties of each crystal and its spirituality.
  • Perfect blend of elegance and energy, radiating confidence and positivity in every step you take.

Compare Krystal Touch Vs Cheap Gold Platers

Krystal Touch Real Gold Cheap Gold Platers
Real 18K Gold Thick Plating Certified gold plating Not genuine
Stainless Steel Surgical standard Cheap material
Natural Crystals Genuine crystals Fake crystals
Nickel Free & Skin Safe Skin Friendly Harmful Metal – Skin Reaction
Real Gold Alternative Authentic gold plating Cheap grade Metal
Celebrity Collection Trendy Outdated
Waterproof Anti- Corrosion Corrosive due to moisture
Warranty 1 Year Warranty, Long life No Warranty, Easily tarnished

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